Getting you a shortlist is only half our job.
Helping you make the final choice, negotiate the deal and work out any wrinkles
afterwards—that's all part of the package.


• Responsive and focused,we provide the
full range of dedicated search services from
start to finish.
• We take the time to listen—to know your
organization, its culture and people.
• We customize each search with a creative strategy and
   meticulous research, building on a wealth of past
• We combine seasoned intuition with rigorous
  assessments to reveal the best in candidates.
• We provide regular feedback and detailed
  — documentation candidate profile and job description,
  research results,candidate assessments and reference
• We treat all those involved with respect and discretion.


What gives the Ducharme Group a head-and-shoulders advantage?


Our fee is based on the complexity and level of work
required and includes all professional fees, research and
administrative hours. Established at the outset, this
ensures objectivity and lets us focus on getting you the
best possible result—regardless of the hours required.


Need help in only certain areas? We offer professional
support in:
• Research strategy
• Recruitment and assessment of "long list" candidates
• Interview and assessment of "short list" candidates
• Internal staff evaluation and succession planning
• Crafting job descriptions